The series of international conferences on photoinduced phase transitions (PIPT) has continued for 15 years. Since the first international conference on this fascinating and challenging research field organized by Prof. K. Nasu at Tsukuba, Japan in 2001, it has been held at Rennes, France (by Prof. Hervé Cailleau, 2005), Osaka , Japan (by Prof. Shin-ya Koshihara, 2008), Wrocław, Poland (by Prof. Tadeusz Luty, 2011), Bled, Slovenia (by Prof. Dragan Mihailovic, 2014). During this 15 years, the international research community has discovered various photoinduced cooperative phenomena in condensed phases and unveiled novel microscopic charge/spin/lattice dynamics using expanded toolsets, such as optical/THz spectroscopy, X-ray and electron diffractions, and photoemission spectroscopy, on extremely short time scales, and witnessed new developments in theories and material syntheses. It is our great pleasure to announce that the 6th PIPT conference (PIPT6) will be held at Sendai, Japan in 2017. The scope of PIPT6 covers the latest progresses on photoinduced phase transitions and related phenomena, as well as related development of new light sources, measurement techniques, materials, and theories. The PIPT6 will build on the synergy between these breathtaking technological and theoretical advances and various emerging scientific opportunities. We hope many participants from all over the world will enjoy stimulated discussions on PIPT in Sendai.
* To encourage participation of students/young researchers, we will introduced "posterawards" in PIPT6.